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Medical Card Application
Having a medical card entitles you certain services free of charge such as: 
Doctor Visits, Prescription Medicines, Certain Dental, Aural and Ophthalmic services, Hospital Care, Hospital Visits and Medical & Midwifery care for mothers.
For more information on Medical cards Click Here
To Download a Medical Card Appplication Form Click Here

GP Card Application
A GP cards allows individuals and families to visit their doctor for free.
For more information about a GP Visit Card Click Here
To Download a GP Visit Card Application Form Click Here

Long-Term Illness Scheme Application
The Long-Term Illness Scheme was created to cover the costs of drugs, medicines, and medical and surgical appliances directly related to the treatment of your illness. This scheme only applies to people with certain long-term illnesses or disabilities.
For more information about the Long-Term Illness Scheme Click Here
To Download a Long-Term Illness Scheme Form Click Here

European Health Insurance Application
The European Health Insurance Card allows the holder to access health care services when travelling to or on holiday in another EU or EEA country.
For more information about the European Health Insurance Card Click Here
To Download a European Health Insurance Card Application Form Click Here

Medical Expenses
You may claim a refund of tax in respect of medical expenses paid or incurred by you, on your own behalf or on behalf of any other person.
To Download a Medical Expenses Form(MED1) Click Here

Dental Expenses
Dental treatment expenses qualify for tax relief in respect of non-routine dental treatment.
To Download a Dental Expenses Form(MED2) Click Here


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